Hello! My name is Joonas Sild. Nice to meet you! I’m really happy that you ended up reading the first blog post of Alphabet Films.

This company is a dream of mine, that I have been planning on creating for about 7 years now. As of 2 March 2022 I have finally done it. I’m officially a company owner now. Also fun fact. The company was founded the same day Batman was released here in Estonia.

It’s really scary to have such a big responsibility as a company owner. However at the same time what isn’t scary at first. Releasing your first video, image, song. Everything that you made into the internet, into the world of darkness and lightness.

Enough mumbling for now. Let’s get to the business and what you can expect to see in the blog posts. First and foremost I have plans on releasing little tutorials to help you on your editing, color grading, and finishing journey. 

Here’s a 5% off the first time we work together code as well: Batman5

Just make sure to mention it 😉